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GCN Circular -1

Possible new SGR from US Naval Observatory
1970-01-01T00:00:00Z (54 years ago)
Edited On
2024-04-22T14:50:25Z (a month ago)
Edited By
Leo P. Singer at NASA/GSFC <> on behalf of Vidushi Sharma at NASA GSFC/UMBC <>
The following report from A. Hendon et al. on the recent "possible new SGR"
(ref IAUC 6743) has also been submitted to the IAUC:

A. Henden, Universities Space Research Corporation (USRA) and U. S. Naval
Observatory, Flagstaff Station (USNOFS)
C. Luginbuhl, USNOFS
D. Hartmann, Clemson University

We report a strong near-IR source about 2 arcmin from the the center
of the IPN error box for GRB970912 (IAUC 6743), located at RA = 18:14:50.31,
DEC = -13:41:05.6 (J2000, +-0.5arcsec).  JHK images saturate in our shortest
available exposure (0.16 sec), but we estimate approximate magnitudes
of J = 7.4, H = 6.0, K = 5.1.  This object is coincident with IRAS 18119-1337
within the errors of the positions.  CCD images with limiting magnitudes
around 20-21 show the object barely visible at V, but easily visible
at R and bright at I.  The object is barely on the POSS-I red plate.
While the GRB error box center has been recently revised based on RXTE ASM
data (D. Smith, priv. comm.) to a point some 20 arcmin south of the IPN
center, we note the similarity of this source to the potential IR counterparts
of SGR 1900+14.
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