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GCN Circular 10485

GRB 100316A: Swift-XRT detection
2010-03-16T04:12:35Z (14 years ago)
Andy Beardmore at U Leicester <>
A.P. Beardmore, K.L. Page and O. Littlejohns (U. Leicester) report
on behalf on the Swift-XRT team:

Using 2.4ks of promptly downlinked data starting at 51.8 minutes after 
the trigger we find an uncatalogued X-ray
source located at RA, Dec = 251.9789, 71.8265
which is equivalent to:

RA  (J2000.0) =  16 47 54.94
DEC (J2000.0) =  +71 49 35.3

with an uncertainty of 4.53 arcsec (radius, 90% containment).

It is not possible to tell whether the source is fading
with the limited data available so far.
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