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GCN Circular 10747

GRB 100513A: PAIRITEL NIR afterglow candidate
2010-05-13T03:48:19Z (14 years ago)
Adam Morgan at U.C. Berkeley <>
A. N. Morgan, D. A. Perley, C. R. Klein, and J. S. Bloom (UC Berkeley) report:

We observed the location of GRB 100513A (Baumgartner et al., GCN 10746)
with the 1.3m PAIRITEL located at Mt. Hopkins, Arizona. Observations
began at 2010-05-13 03:03:07 UT, ~0.77 hours after the Swift Trigger,
after sunset.  In  mosaics (effective exposure time of 0.92 hours)
taken simultaneously in the J, H, and Ks filters, we detect a NIR
source within the XRT error circle at a location:

11:18:26.8, +03:37:40 (J2000)

The preliminary photometry yields:

post burst
t_mid (hr) exp.(s) filt  mag   m_err
0.93       772     J     17.7  0.1

All magnitudes are given in the Vega system, calibrated to 2MASS. No
correction for Galactic extinction has been made to the above reported

[GCN OPS NOTE(13may10): Per author's request, the Palmer reference
was change to the Baumgartner reference.]
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