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GCN Circular 10885

GRB100625A : MOA optical upper limit
2010-06-25T21:19:35Z (14 years ago)
Suzuki Daisuke at MOA-II <>
D. Suzuki, F. Hayashi, S. Kobara, T. Sako, H.Naito, K. Omori (STE Lab, Nagoya Univ.)
on behalf of the MOA Collaboration  report:

We searched for an optical afterglow of GRB 100625A (GCN 10884, S. T. Holland et al.)
starting from 18:49 UT on 2010 June 25th (17 minutes after the BAT trigger)
with the MOA-II 1.8m telescope at Mt.John observatory in New Zealand.
In a single image of a 60sec exposure with a wide-band Red filter (center 
wavelength ~ 750nm and FWHM ~ 250nm), we did not find any object
within the error circle of the Swift XRT source position (GCN 10884).
A 3 sigma upper limit is set in the I magnitude at 22.77 mag.   

This photometry was done by using the DoPhot and calibrated against the 
USNO-B1.0 catalog stars, and not corrected for the Galactic extinction.
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