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GCN Circular 11440

GRB 101204A detected in ground analysis of BAT data
2010-12-06T02:55:20Z (13 years ago)
Jay R. Cummings at NASA/GSFC/Swift <>
J. R. Cummings (GSFC/UMBC/CRESST) on behalf of the Swift-BAT team

At 23:53:29 UTC on December 4, 2010 Swift-BAT detected GRB 101204A (BAT
trigger # 439806).  No source was detected onboard. An automated script
on the ground detected a source at RA, Dec 167.548, -20.434, which is

RA (J2000)    11h 10m 11.6s
Dec (J2000)  -20d 26m 04s

The source was 3.5% coded.

As seen by BAT, the burst was a single gradual pulse about 10 seconds
long. In the 10-second interval for which we have detailed event data,
which covers almost all of the burst, the spectrum is best fitted by
a simple power law with a photon index of 1.3 +- 0.2.  The fluence from
15 to 150 keV was 1.2 +- 0.4 x 10^-6 erg/cm^2.  The spectrum may be
slightly distorted by edge of FOV effects, tending to reduce the number
of lower-energy photons detected relative to higher-energy photons.

A Swift TOO has been requested.
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