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GCN Circular 11524

GRB 110106A: TNG optical observations and candidate counterparts
2011-01-06T21:38:53Z (13 years ago)
Daniele Malesani at Dark Cosmology Centre, Niels Bohr Inst <>
D. Malesani (DARK/NBI), S. Covino (INAF/Brera), L.A. Antonelli 
(INAF/Roma), D. Fugazza (INAF/Brera), A. Harutyunyan (INAF/TNG),
G. Tessicini (INAF/TNG) on behalf of the CIBO collaboration, report:

We observed the field of GRB 110106A (Mangano et al., GCN 11520) using 
the 3.6m TNG telescope, located in the Canary Islands. A set of R- and 
I-band images were acquired starting on Jan 6.8265 UT (4.41 hr after the 
GRB) for a total exposure time of 20 minutes per filter. The seeing was 
1.5" in the R band.

Within the XRT error circle (Mangano et al., GCN 11520), we marginally 
detect a source in both R and I. Its coordinates are (J2000):

RA = 05:17:14.14
Dec = 64:10:28.1

and its magnitude is R ~ 24.5. In addition, we note the presence of a 
galaxy just outside the current X-ray error circle (its centroid being 
7.3+-3.6" away of the XRT position). It is visible also in the DSS 
images and has a magnitude R = 18.2 (assuming R = 17.54 for the star at 
RA=05:17:11.43, Dec=+64:10:10.88).

We cannot assess whether any of the sources are variable, and so their 
relation to GRB 110106A remains to be proven.

Further observations are in progress.

[GCN OPS NOTE(06jan11): Per author's request, GT was added to the author list.]
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