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GCN Circular 11648

GRB 110205A: Lulin optical observations and temporal decay index
2011-02-05T17:33:40Z (13 years ago)
Yuji Urata at Nat. Central U. <>
Yuji Urata, Chia-Jung Chuang (NCU) and Kuiyun Huang (ASIAA)
on behalf of EAFON

"We are monitoring the optical afterglow of GRB110205A (GCN 11630,
11631) in g', r' and i' filters using the 1.0m telescope at Mt. Lulin,
Taiwan. The observations are started at 2011 February 5, 13:02 UT.  
Based on our r'-band photometry against with the SDSS catalog, the
temporal decay index between 40000 and 52740 sec after the burst is
about 1.9.  The brightness in r'-band at 52740 sec after the burst is
20.64 +/-0.05 mag.

The further monitoring observation and analysis are ongoing.
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