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GCN Circular 11688

GRB 110201A: optical observations
2011-02-10T10:58:01Z (13 years ago)
Alina Volnova at SAI MSU <>
V. Rumyantsev (CrAO), A. Pozanenko (IKI), �A. Volnova (SAI MSU), E.
Klunko (ISTP) report on behalf of larger GRB �follow-up collaboration:

We observed �the field of the Swift GRB 110201A (Siegel et al., GCN
11622) with Shajn telescope of CrAO in filter R between �Feb. 01 (UT)
17:01 - 18:04, and with AZT-33IK telescope �between Feb. 01 (UT) 16:31
- 17:07. Using stacked image of CrAO observations we detect �a diffuse
source (A) at ~4" offset of a center of the XRT error circle (Siegel
et al., GCN 11622), see also �The
coordinates of the center of the source (A) are (J2000) RA =
09:10:29.84, Dec = �+88:36:17.5 with uncertainty of 0.5" in both

The photometry of the source is based on the USNO-B1.0 star
1786-0003311 (09:12:09.70 +88:36:01.0) assuming R=17.64 is following:

T0+ � � � � Filter, � Exposure, �source A, mag, UpperLimit
(mid, d) � � � � � � �(s)

0.3305 � �R � � � 45x60 � � � � �21.9 +/- 0.1 � � 23.4

Would be the source (A) a host galaxy of GRB 110201A, the galaxy could
be a relatively close �(z <1) taking into account its brightness.
The finding chart can be found at
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