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GCN Circular 11708

GRB 110213A: Bok Telescope Redshift
2011-02-13T07:23:19Z (13 years ago)
S. Bradley Cenko at Caltech <>
P. A. Milne (U. Arizona) and S. B. Cenko (UC Berkeley) report on behalf of
a larger collaboration:

We have obtained a series of optical spectra of the afterglow of GRB
110213A (D'Elia et al, GCN 11705) with the Boller and Chivens Spectrograph
mounted on the 2.3-m Bok telescope.  Observations began at 05:53 UT (~ 36
minutes after the Swift trigger time) and cover the wavelength range from
~ 4000-8300 A.

We detect a series of strong, narrow absorption features corresponding to
Mg II and Fe II at a common redshift of z = 1.46.  Without the detection
of fine structure lines or a DLA system, we cannot definitively identify
this as the redshift of the GRB host galaxy.  However, the lack of
detection of Lyman alpha absorption down to ~ 4000 A limits the redshift
of the host galaxy to z <~ 2.3.
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