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GCN Circular 11722

Konus-Wind observation of GRB 110213B
2011-02-14T11:22:18Z (13 years ago)
Valentin Pal'shin at Ioffe Inst <>
S. Golenetskii, R.Aptekar, E. Mazets, V. Pal'shin, D. Frederiks, P.
Oleynik, M. Ulanov, D. Svinkin, and T. Cline on behalf of the Konus-Wind
team, report:

The GRB 110213B discovered and localized by MAXI/GSC (Negoro et al., GCN 
11716) was detected by Konus-Wind in the waiting mode at T0(KW)=52293 s 
  UT (14:31:33).

The burst light curve shows a single pulse with a duration of ~50 s.

As observed by Konus-Wind, the burst had a fluence of (1.77 +/- 
0.16)x10^-5 erg/cm2 (in the 20 - 1400 keV range).

Modeling the K-W 3-channel time-integrated spectrum (from T0 to
T0+50 s) by a power law with exponential cutoff model:
dN/dE ~ (E^alpha)*exp(-E*(2+alpha)/Ep)
yields alpha = -1.52 +/- 0.25, and Ep = 123 +/- 19 keV.

All the quoted errors are estimated at the 1 sigma confidence level.

The K-W light curve of this burst is available at
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