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GCN Circular 11725

GRB 110213B: Swift XRT observation
2011-02-14T15:22:15Z (13 years ago)
Nobuyuki Kawai at Tokyo Tech <>
S. Nakahira (AGU), N. Kawai, M. Morii (Tokyo Tech), and H. Negoro 
(Nihon U.) report on behalf of the MAXI team:

Swift observed the field of GRB 110213B (Negoro et al., GCN Circ. 11716) 
centered at the refined MAXI/GSC position reported by Morii et al. 
(GCN Circ. 11720) for 2 ks from 2011-02-14T03:42:19 (T0+47 ks).

We find three point sources in the XRT field of view:

Source          (R.A., Dec.)  J2000                         flux
------   -----------------------------------------------   -------
  A      (41.562 deg, +1.245 deg)= (02 46 15, +01 14 42)   0.008 c/s
  B      (41.757 deg, +1.146 deg)= (02 47 02, +01 08 46)   0.029 c/s
  C      (41.550 deg, +1.391 deg)= (02 46 12, +01 23 28)   0.003 c/s

Source A is located 0.1' from 1RXS J024615.3+011427, a RASS source 
identified to an AF star.
Source C is located 0.1' from a quasar Q 0243+011.
No catalogued source was found for Source B.

Source B, the brightest of the three, and found near the edge of the 
field of view, is the most likely candidate for the afterglow of 
GRB 110213B.  Another Swift observation is planned to confirm its fading.

We thank the Swift operation team for performing a prompt TOO observation 
and making the data available quickly.
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