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GCN Circular 11864

GRB 110402A: early optical limit by "Pi of the Sky"
2011-04-02T10:16:16Z (13 years ago)
Grzegorz Wrochna at Soltan Inst.for Nuclear Studies <>
M.Sokolowski,T.Batsch,A.Majcher,A.Majczyna,K.Nawrocki,J.Uzycki,G.Wrochna (IPJ, Swierk),
M.Cwiok,W.Dominik,L.W.Piotrowski,A.F.Zarnecki (University of Warsaw),
K.Malek,L.Mankiewicz,R.Opiela,M.Siudek,V.Repei (CFT PAN),
G.Kasprowicz,M.Zaremba (Warsaw University of Technology),
from the "Pi of the Sky" collaboration (  ).
M. Jelinek and A. J.Castro-Tirado (IAA-CSIC Granada) on behalf of a larger collaboration.

The wide field "Pi of the Sky North" apparatus installed in the BOOTES-1
station at ESAt/INTA-CEDEA in Mazagon (Huelva, Spain;  )
observed field of GRB 110402A at the time of Fermi-GMB and Swift-BAT triggers.
No new source brighter than 11 mag has been identified on 10s exposures:

t_start - t0      start (UT)  end (UT)     3-sigma limit

       -6           00:12:52    00:13:02     11.0
       +7           00:13:05    00:13:15     11.0

where limit is based on the reference star magnitudo in V filter.
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