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GCN Circular 11899

GRB 110407A : Lulin optical afterglow detection
2011-04-07T16:48:39Z (13 years ago)
Kuiyun Huang at ASIAA <>
GRB 110407A : Lulin optical afterglow detection 

C.J. Chuang, C.S. Lin, Y. Urata (NCU) and K.Y. Huang (ASIAA) on behalf
of the EAFON cooperation:

The 1-m telescope at Lulin Observatory started to observe GRB110407A
(Wolf et al. GCN 11849) at 21 minutes after the BAT trigger.  A series
of our r'-band observations found a fading optical source in the XRT
error region reported by Evans (GCN 11896). The position of the optical 
afterglow candidate is 

RA(J200) = 12:24:07.534 
Dec(J200) = +15:42:46.63
with 1" error.

We estimated the brightness of the optical transient against with
several SDSS stars.

Time (sec)  mag(AB)  error
1438        20.9     0.1
4758        22.7     0.3

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