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GCN Circular 11985

GRB 110422A: Update of Herschel FIR observation schedule
2011-04-29T17:15:41Z (13 years ago)
Maohai Huang at NAOC <>
Maohai Huang (NAOC), Bing Zhang (UNLV), Dong Xu (WIS), Jinsong Deng
(NAOC), Liping Xin (NAOC), Yulei Qiu (NAOC) report on behalf of
Herschel OT1_mhuang01 Open Time program:

This is an update of ESA's schedule to search and observe far infrared
after glowof GRB 110422A using photometers of PACS (70,110micron) and
SPIRE (250, 350, 500micron) instruments on-board Herschel Space
Observatory, with sensitivities of several mJy/beam.

Date ----- Time ---- Instrument
2011-04-30T13:59:28UT PacsPhoto
2011-04-30T14:15:29UT PacsPhoto
2011-05-03T19:28:25UT SpirePhoto
2011-05-04T01:24:55UT PacsPhoto
2011-05-04T01:40:56UT PacsPhoto
2011-05-08T02:43:38UT SpirePhoto
2011-05-09T21:41:44UT PacsPhoto
2011-05-09T21:57:45UT PacsPhoto
2011-05-13T18:47:21UT SpirePhoto
For more details and updates (if any) see

We strongly encourage ground and space instruments to collect data across
full spectral range, especially in X-ray, optical, near/mid IR,
millimeter/submillimeter, and radio bands, of GRB 110422A on observing
days of Herschel.
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