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GCN Circular 11996

GRB 110503A - TLS Afterglow Observations
2011-05-03T23:19:12Z (13 years ago)
Alexander Kann at TLS Tautenburg <>
D. A. Kann, S. Schmidl, C. Hoegner, B. Stecklum, S. Schumann and M.
Hartmann (TLS Tautenburg) report:

We observed the afterglow of GRB 110503A (M. Stamatikos et al., GCN 11991,
G. Leloudas et al., GCN 11994) at z=1.613 (A. de Ugarte Postigo et al.,
GCN 11993) with the 2m/1.34m Schmidt telescope of the Thueringer
Landessternwarte Tautenburg under excellent observing conditions (low
airmass, good transparency and seeing) starting during dawn at 0.098715
days after the GRB.

Observations consisted of 3 x 180 s each in Z, Ic, Rc, V, B, followed by 3
x 300 s each in Z, Ic, Rc, V, B. The afterglow is detected on the single

Assuming the USNO-B1.0 1421-0227752 star at RA = 08:51:10.01 (132.791692)
Dec. = +52:11:04.75 (+52.184653) has R = 16.91 (mean of R1 and R2 mags,
0.06 mags difference), we find for two Rc band observations:

t (days after trigger) = 0.1187616, Rc = 19.07 +/- 0.03
t (days after trigger) = 0.1750347, Rc = 19.51 +/- 0.04

Errors are statistical only.

Observations are continuing as weather permits with 600 s exposures in all
five colors.

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