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GCN Circular 1200

GRB 011211: Optical Spectroscopy
2001-12-13T20:19:00Z (23 years ago)
Andrew S. Fruchter at STScI <>
A. Fruchter (STScI), P. Vreeswijk (A'dam), J. Rhoads, and I. Burud (STScI) 
report for a larger collaboration:

We have observed the optical counterpart of GRB (XRF) 011211 (GCN 1188, 1191) 
using the FORS2 spectrograph on the Yepun (VLT4) 8-m telescope of the European 
Southern Observatory.  We find an absorption line system corresponding to a 
redshift of z=2.14 superposed on the continuum emission.  Hydrogen Lyman 
alpha, as well as the absorption lines of several metals including C, Fe and 
Si, are clearly detected.
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