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GCN Circular 12095

GRB 110625A: NIR Source
2011-06-26T15:06:17Z (13 years ago)
Myungshin Im at Seoul Nat U <>
Myungshin Im, Ji Hoon Kim, Dohyeong Kim, and Duho Kim
(CEOU/Seoul National University), on behalf of a larger collaboration

We observed GRB 110625A (Page et al. GCN 12088) in zYHK filters 
with UKIRT starting at 2011 June 26,10:08:47 UT. Within the enhanced XRT
error circle (Page et al. GCN 12092), we detect a NIR source in all the 
filters, whose coordinate is

RA=19:06:55.8,   Dec=06:45:19.2

with positional error of ~0.5". K-band magnitude is found to be 
about 17.5 mag, calibrated against a 2MASS star at (19:06:55.65, 06:45:16.2)

The variability of the source is being examined with additional data.
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