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GCN Circular 1224

GRB 020124 Optical Observations
2002-01-26T10:49:37Z (22 years ago)
Jens Hjorth at U.Copenhagen <>
J. Gorosabel (DSRI, Copenhagen), J. Hjorth (U. Copenhagen), T. Pursimo, 
A. A. Kaas (NOT), J. Fynbo, P. Moller (ESO), B. L. Jensen, H. Pedersen 
(U. Copenhagen), and M. I. Andersen (U. Oulu) report:

6 x 600 sec R-band images of the possible optical afterglow (Price et al.,
GCN #1221) of GRB 020124 (Ricker et al., GCN #1220) were obtained with 
StanCam at the 2.5-m Nordic Optical Telescope between Jan 26.035 and 
Jan 26.076 2002 UT. A faint object located at RA(J2000) = 09:32:50.83, 
Dec(J2000)= -11:31:11.0 (+- 0.74", based on USNO-A2.0) is consistent with 
the position reported by Price et al. Based on the same reference star as 
that used by Price et al. we find a preliminary magnitude of R = 23.84 
+/- 0.17 for the object. A finding chart is posted at
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