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GCN Circular 12370

GRB 110918A: rest-frame energetics in gamma-gays
2011-09-20T17:43:34Z (13 years ago)
Dmitry Frederiks at Ioffe Institute <>
D. Frederiks and V.Pal'shin on behalf of the Konus-WIND team, report:

Basing on the Konus-Wind detection of GRB 110918A
(Hurley et al., GCN 12357; Golenetskii et al. GCN 12362),
assuming Gemini-N redshift z=0.982 (Levan et al., GCN 12368),
and a standard cosmology model (H_0 = 71 km/s/Mpc, Omega_M = 0.27,
Omega_\Lambda = 0.73), we estimate the following rest-frame parameters
of the prompt gamma-ray emission:
   the isotropic equivalent energy release is E_iso ~1.9x10^54 erg,
   the peak luminosity is L_iso_max ~ 4.4x10^54 erg/s, and
   the peak energy of the time-integrated spectrum is Ep_rest ~300 keV.

This estimation of L_iso_max makes GRB 110918A the most luminous
gamma-ray burst (with known redshift) ever observed by Konus-Wind.
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