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GCN Circular 12385

GRB 110921A: TNT astrometry
2011-09-22T10:16:28Z (13 years ago)
Dong Xu at Weizmann Inst <>
D. Xu (WIS), L.P. Xin, J.Y. Wei (NAOC) report on behalf of a larger

We performed astrometry to the TNT image (Xin et al., GCN 12377),
calibrated with the SDSS field of GRB 110921A (Baumgartner et al., GCN
12373). The optical afterglow is localised at

RA (J2000): 19h 36m 23.478s
Dec (J2000): +36d 19' 43.38"

with an uncertainty of 1.0 arcsec, in the northwestern part of the
enhanced XRT error circle (Goad et al., GCN 12379).

The SDSS field reveals a source at coordinates

RA (J2000): 19h 36m 23.382s
Dec (J2000): +36d 19' 42.03"

with an uncertainty of 1.0 arcsec and at the southwestern edge of the
XRT error circle, which is too faint to be present for the TNT image.

NIR follow-up observation is encouraged.
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