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GCN Circular 1277

GRB 020317: Optical observations
2002-03-19T11:06:19Z (22 years ago)
Vasilij Rumjantsev at CrAO <>
E.Pavlenko  and V.Rumyantsev (on behalf of Crimean Observatory and Space
Research Institute (Moscow) GRB follow-up teams) report:

"We have imaged of the error box for GRB 020317 / HETE #1959 
with the 0.38-m Cassegrain telescope of Crimean Astrophysical Observatory
(field 7x10 arcminutes). 

5 x 300 sec R-band images partially covering the error box of the possible optical
afterglow of GRB 020317 were obtained  between March 17 UT 20:14:19 and
20:45:31, i.e., in 2 - 2.5 hrs after burst. The limiting magnitude was 18.5 (R). We
found a faint object (R=18.2+/-0.3 mag, UT 20:37:35) located at the 0.9 arc min to 
the East from  the star R=16.9 RA(J2000) = 10 24 27.99  Dec(J2000)= +12 36 05.6 
(USNO-A2.0) which is not in DSS. The bad weather conditions did not allow to complete 
the covering of error box and obtain more observation of this faint object."

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