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GCN Circular 12832

GRB 111228A: optical observations
2012-01-14T12:00:43Z (13 years ago)
Alina Volnova at SAI MSU <>
A. Volnova (SAI MSU), L. Elenin (KIAM), �A. Pozanenko (IKI) report on
behalf of larger GRB �follow-up collaboration:

We observed the field of GRB 111228A (Ukwatta et al., GCN 12737) with
0.45-m telescope of ISON-NM observatory on Dec. 29 at 11:55 (UT,
middle of exposure) in R band with mean FWHM of about 4.9". We took
several unfiltered frames with exposure of 60 s. In a stacked image we
detect an optical counterpart (Ukwatta et al., GCN 12737; Xin et al.,
GCN 12738). The photometry is based on the USNO-B1.0 star 1415-0025726
(RA = 10:00:22.70 Dec = +18:19:23.4, J2000) assuming R2 = 17.28:

T0+, � � � �Filter, �Exposure, � OT
(mid, d) � � � � � � (s)

0.84102 � �R     �1800 � � �19.27+/-0.12
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