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GCN Circular 12850

XRF 120118A: further INTEGRAL analysis
2012-01-18T10:24:50Z (12 years ago)
Diego Gotz at CEA <>
D. Gotz (CEA Saclay) and E. Bozzo (ISDC Versoix) on behalf of the IBAS Localisation Team report:

A deeper analysis of an extended IBIS/ISGRI dataset shows that the HMXB GX 304-1 is in an active state. Being this source just 3.4 arc min away from the position derived for XRF120118A (Gotz et al., GCN Circ. 1248), even if not formally compatible with the 90% c.l. error circle of the latter, we note that the chance of XRF120118A being produced by GX 304-1 can not be completely excluded at this stage.
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