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GCN Circular 12858

GRB 120118B: NOT observations
2012-01-19T01:33:52Z (12 years ago)
Paul Vreeswijk at U of Iceland <>
Paul Vreeswijk (U. Iceland), Tapio Pursimo (NOT) and P�ll Jakobsson
(U. Iceland), report on behalf of a larger collaboration:

Using ALFOSC on the Nordic Optical Telescope (NOT) we have obtained
Sloan r'- (3 x 600 s) and z'-band (6 x 300 s) imaging of the field of
the Swift GRB 120118B (Littlejohns et al., GCN 12852), starting on
2012 January 18 at 22:48 UT, just under 6 hours after the burst. The
observations were performed in non-optimal seeing conditions (~3.5").

We do not detect any object within the XRT error circle (Littlejohns
et al., GCN 12854), down to approximate limiting magnitudes of r'>21.2
and z'>19.5 (calibrated against the SDSS catalog).
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