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GCN Circular 1293

XMM-Newton observation of GRB020322
2002-03-22T20:46:15Z (22 years ago)
Norbert Schartel at XMM-Newton/ESA <>
M. Ehle, P. Rodriguez-Pascual, N. Loiseau, M. Santos-Lleo,
R. Gonzalez-Riestra, E. Verdugo, L. Tomas and N. Schartel

A XMM-Newton TOO observation of GRB020322 (L. Piro: GCN 1290)
started at 18:18 UT with RGS, 18:46 UT with EPIC/MOS and
19:17 UT with EPIC/pn.

A preliminary analysis of Quick Look data of the EPIC images
confirms a relatively bright source inside the BeppoSAX MECS
error circle as reported by G. Gandolfi (GCN 1291). The
coordinates are:
   R.A.(J2000)  = 18h 01m 03.4s
   Decl.(J2000) = 81d 06m 30.7s
The count rates of the source are estimated to be 0.1 [counts/sec]
in EPIC/pn and 0.05 in EPIC/MOS, respectively.

At this stage the position error is expected to be less than 6".
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