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GCN Circular 1296

GRB 020322: Optical Sources and Improved Astrometry
2002-03-23T04:33:49Z (22 years ago)
Josh Bloom at CIT <>
GRB 020322: Optical Sources and Improved Astrometry

J. S. Bloom (Caltech), N. Mirabal & J. P. Halpern (Columbia), D. W. Fox,
and P. A. A. Lopes (Caltech), report on behalf of a larger collaboration:

"A stacked Gunn r-band image from the Palomar 60-inch (9x10 min; see
GCN #1294) reveals another faint source in the southeast portion of
the XMM error circle.

 ID    x           y                    J2000
  a 1129.286   1408.630   RA = 18:01:04.20, Dec = +81:06:41.27
  b 1135.912   1373.888   RA = 18:01:02.98, Dec = +81:06:28.17
  c 1126.379   1367.044   RA = 18:01:04.51, Dec = +81:06:25.49

Source "a" (outside the error circle) is that discussed in
Szentgyorgyi et al. (GCN #1295), source "b" (inside the error circle)
is from Bloom et al. (GCN #1294), and source "c" (inside the error
circle) is the faint source mentioned here. The ICRS positions are
found by comparison with the USNO A2.0 and are uncertain by about 300
mas, 350 mas in the RA and DEC, respectively. The x, y coordinates are
in pixels of the stacked image.  This .fits image, with a WCS written
in the header, may be obtained at:

 An image of the field showing source a,b, and c may be found at

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