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GCN Circular 13031

GRB 120308A : LOAO optical observation
2012-03-10T15:26:15Z (12 years ago)
Minsung Jang at Seoul National U <>
Jang, M., Im, M. (SNU), & Urata, Y. (NCU)

We observed GRB 120308A (Baumgartner et al., GCN 13017)
in R, I-bands with a 1 m telescope at Mt. Lemmon, Arizona, U.S.
The obsevation started at 10:51:23 2012-03-08 UT, ~ 4.6 hours
after the burst alert.

We alternatively took 6 frames for each filter with the exposure time, 300s.
We found a optical afterglow candidate in the stacked I image
with a preliminary magnitude, I ~ 18.7 +/- 0.12 mag
at mid-point time, 17274 sec after the burst alert
on the enhanced XRT position (Evans et al., GCN13023).
However, no afterglow candidate was found in the stacked R image.

We thank the LOAO operator, J. Yoon for this observation.
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