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GCN Circular 13193

GRB 120328B: Pi of the Sky simultaneous upper limits
2012-04-03T13:06:43Z (12 years ago)
Lech Wiktor Piotrowski at U Warsaw <>
T.Batsch,A.Majcher,A.Majczyna,K.Nawrocki,M.Sokolowski,G.Wrochna (NCBJ,
M.Cwiok,L.W.Piotrowski,M.Zaremba,A.F.Zarnecki (University of Warsaw),
K.Malek,L.Mankiewicz,R.Opiela,M.Siudek,V.Repei (CFT PAN),
G.Kasprowicz (Warsaw University of Technology),
from the "Pi of the Sky" collaboration ( ).

The wide field "Pi of the Sky South" telescope, installed in
the private observatory of Alain Maury in San Pedro de Atacama 
( observed coordinates 
of the GRB 120328B prior, during and after the reported IPN flash 
detection. No new source was identified. Following limiting magnitudes 
have been set:

t_start - t0 [s]    t_exp     start (UT)  end (UT)     3-sigma limit

      -15             10s       06:26:06   06:26:16         11.6
      +1              10s       06:26:22   06:26:32         11.6
      +16             10s       06:26:37   06:26:47         11.6
      -165          20x10s      06:23:36   06:28:32         12.2
      +152          20x10s      06:28:53   06:33:54         12.3

where limit is based on the reference star magnitudo in V filter.

We acknowledge support received from Alain Maury at SPdA Observatory.
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