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GCN Circular 13233

GRB 120404A: JCMT SCUBA-2 sub-mm observation
2012-04-06T21:32:06Z (12 years ago)
Ian Smith at Rice U <>
I.A. Smith (Rice U.), R.P.J. Tilanus (JAC), N.R. Tanvir (U. of Leicester),
D.A. Frail (NRAO) report:

We observed the counterpart to GRB 120404A (Stratta et al., GCN Circ.
13208) using the SCUBA-2 sub-millimeter continuum camera on the James
Clerk Maxwell Telescope.  The observation started at 13:50 UT on
2012-04-04, corresponding to 59 minutes after the burst trigger.
Exposures totaling one hour were made in marginal weather conditions.
No source was detected, with a preliminary RMS of 4.1 mJy at 850 microns.

We thank William Montgomerie for his prompt support of these observations.
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