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GCN Circular 1326

GRB 020405: Optical afterglow candidate
2002-04-06T01:36:12Z (22 years ago)
Paul Price at RSAA, ANU at CIT <>
P.A. Price, B.P. Schmidt (RSAA, ANU) and T.S. Axelrod (Arizona)

We have observed the error box of GRB 020405 with the robotic MSO 50-inch
telescope + MACHO imager at 2002 Apr 05.75 UT (approximately 17.5 hours
after the GRB).  Upon visual inspection of the images, we find a source
that is not present on the second Digitised Sky Survey.  The source is
R ~ 18.5 mag and is located at coordinates:

       RA: 13:58:03.12   Dec: -31:22:22.2   J2000

with error approximately 0.3 arcsec in each coordinate.

A finding chart is available from:

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