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GCN Circular 13344

GRB 120521C: EVLA Localization of Afterglow
2012-05-25T21:39:06Z (12 years ago)
Ashley Zauderer at CfA <>
A. Zauderer, E. Berger and T. Laskar (Harvard) report on behalf of a 
larger collaboration:

"Further to GCN 13343, we note that the EVLA 21.8 GHz brightening source 
within the XRT enhanced error circle of GRB 120521C (GCNs 13318, 13324) 
is located at (J2000):

RA:   14:17:08.802 (+/- 0.002)
Dec: +42:08:41.22  (+/- 0.02).

This position appears to be offset from the two galaxies at the edge of 
the Swift-XRT error circle based on the image provided by Perley et al. 
in GCN 13332."
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