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GCN Circular 13373

Swift trigger 524642 / SwJ1910.2-0546
2012-06-21T14:39:45Z (12 years ago)
Alexei Pozanenko at IKI, Moscow <>
V. Rumyantsev, K. Antonyuk (CrAO), A. Pozanenko (IKI) report on behalf of 
larger GRB follow-up collaboration:

We observed the field of Swift trigger 524642 with AZT-11 telescope of CrAO
observatory starting on June 18  (UT) 20:23:03 under favorable weather
conditions and  seeing  of about 2.4 arsces.  At the edge of the Swift-XRT
localization (+19h 10m 22.39s -05d 47' 55.3" GRB_ERROR=5.2") we found bright
optical source which is absent on any DSS2 plates.  The coordinates of the
source (J2000) 19 10 22.78 -05 47 56.4 is 5.9" away from the center of the
XRT localization and coincide with UVOT position reported in GCN/SWIFT

Photometry of the source is based on  the  USNO-B1.0 star 0842-0520198 (19
10 23.32 -05 46 52.8)  assuming R=14.70:

T0+        Filter,  Exposure, OT,                       uplim (3 sigma)
(mid, d)             (s)

0.0666       R    13x180     16.033 +/- 0.005    21.7

The finding chart can be found at
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