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GCN Circular 13427

GRB 120709A: Matched filter analysis of Fermi-LAT data
2012-07-10T20:51:49Z (12 years ago)
Weikang Zheng at U.of Michigan <>
Weikang Zheng and Carl Akerlof, report on behalf of the ROTSE

We analyzed Fermi/LAT data of GRB 120709A (Kocevski et al., GCN 13423)
as a follow-up of routine search in GBM trigger catalogs in our LAT data
processing pipeline using the matched filter technique (Akerlof et al.
2010, ApJ, 725, L15; 2011 ApJ, 726, 22; 2012, arXiv:1205.3066; Zheng et
al. 2012, ApJ 745,72; 2012, arXiv:1203.5113).
We use a standard data selection method (with Energy range of 100 MeV <
E < 300 GeV). About 10 photons associated with GRB are detected above
100 MeV in 47.5s duration, with the highest energy of ~3.07 GeV at 2.04s
after the burst. The GRB location estimated by the matched filter
technique is RA = 320.23, Dec = -51.13 with uncertainty ~0.5 degree,
consistent with the location given in GCN 13423.

The photon information can be found in the following link including the
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