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GCN Circular 1349

BeppoSAX ALERT: possible GRB020410
2002-04-10T14:42:32Z (22 years ago)
Giangiacomo Gandolfi at IAS/CNR Frascati <>
BeppoSAX ALERT: possible GRB020410

On Apr. 10, 10:41:20 UT a possible GRB  has been
detected in BeppoSAX WFC2. Unfortunately GRBM was switched off at that
time and the nature of the transient is still under examination.
A GRB or X-ray flash classification is however very probable.

Refined coordinates are:

R.A.(2000)= 331.768
DEC.(2000)= -83.821

The error radius  is 2'.

G. Gandolfi
on behalf of
BeppoSAX Mission Scientist
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