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GCN Circular 13537

GRB 120729A: Xinglong TNT optical upper limit
2012-07-29T17:51:13Z (12 years ago)
L.P. Xin at NAOC <>
L.P. Xin, J. Y. Wei, Y.L. Qiu, J. Wang, J.S. Deng, 
C. Wu, X. H. Han on behalf of EAFON report:

We began to observe GRB 120729A (Ukwatta et al. GCN Circ. 13530 ) 
with Xinglong TNT telescope at 15:23:22.671 (UT), 4.45 hour after 
the burst. A series of R-band images were obtained. 
Preliminary analysis shows that no any source was found 
at the location of optical counterpart (Ukwatta et al. GCN Circ. 13530;
Virgili et al. GCN 13531), down to 3 sigma upper limit of R~19.5 mag,
relatively to the USNO B1.0 R2 mag, at the mean time of 4.8 hour after
the burst.

This message may be cited.

Thanks to the help of TNT observation assistant for this work. 

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