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GCN Circular 13607

GRB 120807A: RAPTOR Limits During Gamma-Ray Emitting Interval
2012-08-07T17:15:41Z (12 years ago)
James Wren at LANL <>
J. Wren, W.T. Vestrand, P. Wozniak, and H. Davis,
of Los Alamos National Laboratory report:

A RAPTOR wide-field monitor located in Maui observed the location
of Swift trigger 530267 (Marshall et al., GCN 13602) during the period
that the Swift BAT was observing gamma-ray emission.  The 10 s exposure
began at 07:09:38.7 UTC -- 1 s after the Swift trigger and 1 s before
the gamma-ray emission reached peak intensity.  We detect no new object
at the location of the refined Swift XRT location (Beardmore et al., GCN
13603) to a 3-sigma limiting magnitude of 10.3.  Our unfiltered images
are calibrated to the Tycho-2 V-band.
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