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GCN Circular 1384

GRB020427 BeppoSAX NFI Observation
2002-04-29T10:38:42Z (22 years ago)
Giangiacomo Gandolfi at IAS/CNR Frascati <>
GRB020427 BeppoSAX NFI observation

A short BeppoSAX TOO observation of GB020427 has been carried on about 13
hours after the GRB.
A preliminary analysis of MECS (1.6-10 keV) image
shows two unknown and faint sources in the WFC error circle,
contaminating each other. A more refined analysis is required to
desentangle the couple and to confirm the possible fading of one of the
objects. A second (and final) BeppoSAX observation is planned this

No NFI position is available at the moment due to the bad contamination of
the objects.
Further follow-up observations are encouraged.

Giangiacomo Gandolfi
on behalf of
BeppoSAX Mission Mission Scientist
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