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GCN Circular 1401

GRB020531(=H2042): Optical Observations
2002-05-31T17:20:00Z (22 years ago)
Don Lamb at U.Chicago <>
S. Snedden, D. Q. Lamb, B. C. Lee, D. L. Tucker, D. E. Vanden Berk, M.
Harvanek, A. N. Kleinman, S. Kleinman, J. Krzesinski, D. Long, and P.
R. Newman, on behalf of the SDSS GRB team, report:

"We have observed the field of GRB020531 (=H2042) (GCN 1399) using the
SDSS 0.5-m "Photometric Telescope" (PT) at APO under clear skies, a
bright moon, and poor seeing on UTC 2002 May 31 from 04:54 to 09:32
UTC, beginning less than 4.5 hours after the burst.  We took a series
of ten 600 second r'-band exposures and fifteen 600 second i'-band
exposures (41.5' x 41.5' field of view) that cover the entire improved
HETE error rectangle for GRB020531 (GCN 1399).  The summed images in r'
reach deeper than the POSS plate limit, R~18.  Visual comparison of the
images and the DSS has not yet allowed us to identify any bright new

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