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GCN Circular 14085

GRB 121212A: LOAO IzY Observation
2012-12-14T15:44:35Z (11 years ago)
Minsung Jang at Seoul National U <>
M. Jang, M. Im (SNU), and Y. Urata (NCU), on behalf of EAFON

We observed GRB 121212A in IzY-bands starting at UT 08:51:52, 2012-12-12, 
~ 2 hrs after the BAT trigger (Grupe et al, GCN 14064), 
using the 1.0m telescope at Mt.Lemmon in Arizona, U.S. 

We do not detect the GRB afterglow in all bands at the position 
of the Swift/UVOT detection (Kuin et al. 14069). 
We estimate the 3-sigma limiting magnitude (AB system) of the afterglow
for each band, 

I > 20.0 (T0+7900s) 
z > 18.3 (T0+9370s) 
Y > 17.7 (T0+8260s),

by calibrating it against USNO-B1 stars with I2 magnitudes 
and 2MASS point sources without the galactic extinction correction. 

We thank the LOAO operator, I. Baek, for performing the observation.
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