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GCN Circular 14126

GRB 121226A: 5.8 GHz VLA observations
2012-12-30T17:26:03Z (11 years ago)
Wen-fai Fong at CFA <>
W. Fong, B. A. Zauderer and E. Berger (Harvard) report:

"We observed the position of the short-duration GRB 121226A (Krimm et al.,
GCN 14105; Baumgartner et al. GCN 14111) with the Karl G. Jansky Very Large
Array (VLA) beginning on 2012 December 28.54 UT (1.75 days post-burst) at a
mean frequency of 5.8 GHz. In 35-min on source, we detect a faint, 3-sigma
radio source at:

RA (J2000) = 11:14:34.12
DEC (J2000) = -30:24:22.89
with an uncertainty of ~0.2" in each coordinate.

This position is coincident with the XRT and optical positions (Littlejohns
et al., GCN 14112; Castro-Tirado et al., GCN 14114). Further observations
are planned."
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