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GCN Circular 14141

GRB 130122A: T100 observations
2013-01-23T11:43:08Z (11 years ago)
Eda Sonbas at NASA/GSFC <>
E. Sonbas (Adiyaman Univ.), T. Guver (Sabanci Univ.), O. Uysal
(Akdeniz Univ./TUG), E. Gogus (Sabanci Univ.), H. Kirbiyik (TUG) report on
behalf of a larger collaboration

We observed the field of Swift GRB 130122A (Lien et al. GCN#14140)
with the 1.0 meter T100 telescope (TUBITAK National Observatory,
Antalya - Turkey), starting January, 23, 00:50 UT (~ 1 hour after
the trigger). Observations were carried out in the R filter
under moderate weather conditions. The afterglow is clearly detected in
stacked (4x300s) R band images and consistent with UVOT coordinates
reported by Lien et al. GCN#14140.

There is ~10 arcsec offset between afterglow candidate and SDSS
and USNO-B1 1490-0209231 (RA= 12:57:09.00, Dec = +59:00:53.35) objects.
Using USNO-B1 star USNO-B1 1490-0209196 (RA= 12:56:56.61, Dec= +59:02:39.11)
in the field magnitude of the OT were estimated 20.8 +/- 0.2.

We are grateful to the TUBITAK National Observatory staff for promptly
scheduling the observations and their technical support.
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