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GCN Circular 14171

GRB 130131A: VLA 5.8 Ghz Detection
2013-02-01T11:22:34Z (11 years ago)
Ashley Zauderer at CfA <>
T. Laskar, B. A. Zauderer and E. Berger (Harvard) report on behalf of the
CARMA Key Project "A Millimeter View of the Transient Universe":

"We observed the position of GRB 130131A (Grupe et al.;
GCN 14156) beginning 2013 Feb 1.28 (dt=0.7 d) at a
mean frequency of 5.8 Ghz with the Karl G. Jansky Very
Large Array.  We detect a source consistent  with the
enhanced Swift-XRT position (Evans et al.; GCN 14160)
with a flux of 38 (+/- 11) uJy.  The position of this radio
source is

 RA (J2000)    11:24:30.4  (+/- 0.2)
DEC (J2000)   +48:04:33.0  (+/- 1.5).

Follow-up observations at multiple frequencies are in progress.
We thank the VLA staff for their support."
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