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GCN Circular 14217

GRB 130215A: GMG optical observation
2013-02-15T14:56:14Z (11 years ago)
Xiao-hong Zhao at Yunnan Obs <>
X.-H. Zhao (YNAO), J.-M. Bai 
(YNAO) report on behalf of 2.4m telescope group:

We observed the field of GRB 130215A (D'Elia et al., GCN 14204) with 2.4m Gao-Mei-Gu (GMG) telescope. Observations
started at 11:59:03 UT on 2013-02-15 (i.e., 10.46 hrs after the burst) and 5x300s R-band images were obtained. The optical afterglow of this burst was clearly detected in each image. The mag is R~19.2 calibrated with USNO B1 stars. 
We thank the GMG staff, especially Wen-Bo Xu, De-Qing Wang for
performing these observations.
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