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GCN Circular 14528

GRB 130502A: T100 Observations
2013-05-02T19:42:53Z (11 years ago)
Tolga Guver at UA <>
T.  Guver  (Sabanci  Univ.),  B.  Ozcan  (Adiyaman  Univ.)  E.  Sonbas
(Adiyaman  Univ.),   M.  Kocak   (TUG),  E.  Gogus   (Sabanci  Univ.),
H. Kirbiyik (TUG) report on behalf of a larger collaboration

We observed  the field of Swift  GRB 130502A (Troja  et al. GCN#14527)
with  the  1.0 meter  T100  telescope  (TUBITAK National  Observatory,
Antalya - Turkey),  starting May, 02, 18:17:41 UT  (~ 27 minutes after
the trigger). Observations were carried out in the R filter under good
weather conditions.

We do  not detect an optical  afterglow within the  reported XRT error
circle down to  a limiting magnitude of 20.8 in the  R band. Our image
is calibrated  using USNO A2.0 R1 magnitude of the star at  RA :
135.578498, DEC : -00.149362 (J2000).

We are grateful to the TUBITAK National Observatory staff for promptly
scheduling the observations and their technical support.

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