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GCN Circular 14584

GRB 130504C: Swift-XRT observations
2013-05-06T00:33:18Z (11 years ago)
Paolo D'Avanzo at INAF-OAB <>
P. D'Avanzo, A. Melandri (INAF-OAB) report on behalf of  the Swift team:

We have analysed 1.3 ks of Swift-XRT data for the Fermi 130504C (Kocevski
GCN Circ. 14574; Burgess et al. GCN Circ. 14583), from 65.6 ks to 70.1 ks
after the LAT trigger. The data are all in Photon Counting (PC) mode.

We detect an uncatalogued X-ray source inside the LAT error circle
(Kocevski GCN Circ. 14574), at the following position: RA, Dec=91.63047,
3.83388 which is equivalent to:

RA (J2000): 06 06 31.3
Dec (J2000): +03 50 01.96

with an uncertainty of 4.8 arcsec (radius, 90% confidence).
The count rate at this position is (4.4 +/- 0.7) x 10^-2 cts/s. At the
present stage, it is not possible to determine whether the source is
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