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GCN Circular 1475

GRB 020813: Absorption redshift
2002-08-13T09:18:37Z (22 years ago)
Paul Price at RSAA, ANU <>
P.A. Price (RSAA, ANU), J.S. Bloom (Harvard/CfA, Caltech), R.W. Goodrich
(Keck), A.J. Barth (Caltech), M.H. Cohen (Caltech) and D.W. Fox
(Caltech) report:

We have observed the afterglow of GRB 020813 (Fox, Blake & Price, GCN
#1470) with LRIS in spectropolarimetry mode on Keck I at Aug 13.31 UT.
We identify at an absorption system of Mg II, Mg I, Ca II, Fe II, Mn II
at a redshift of z = 1.254 +/- 0.005.  We identify a second absorption
system at z = 1.222 +/- 0.005, based on Mg II, Mg I, Mn II.  We conclude
that the redshift of GRB 020813 is z >= 1.254.

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