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GCN Circular 1495

GRB020813: High-Resolution Optical Observations
2002-08-16T00:36:28Z (22 years ago)
Derek Fox at CIT <>
Mike Gladders (Carnegie Observatories) and Pat Hall
(Princeton/Catolica) report:

"Baade 6.5m (Magellan I) observations with the TEK5 camera of the
field of GRB020813 acquired on the nights of August 13 and 14,
starting at 13 August 5.76583 UT, do not show any evidence for
extended emission coincident with the OT position. The OT first
reported by Fox et al. (GCN 1470) and confirmed as fading by us (GCN
1472) is detected as a point source in all available images. In the
best-seeing late-time images, detailed below, the PSF of the OT is
indistinguishable in all filters from that of other nearby point
sources of similar magnitude. In these excellent seeing images, the
nearest object is a star 3".86 almost due N of the OT, and presumably
the possible associated object reported in GCN 1491. This star has a
similar magnitude in I to the OT, but is much redder, and has a
fainter companion of similar color 0".99 away that could cause it to
appear extended in more typical ground-based images."

Filter  Start UT        Int. Time       Seeing
I       14 Aug 1.0761   60 sec          0".305
R       14 Aug 1.2364   60 sec          0".304
V       14 Aug 1.3653   60 sec          0".352
B       14 Aug 1.2064   60 sec          0".396

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