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GCN Circular 14966

GRB 130627B: Swift afterglow confirmation
2013-07-03T07:35:49Z (11 years ago)
Phil Evans at U of Leicester <>
P.A. Evans (U. Leicester) and S. R. Oates (UCL-MSSL) report on behalf of
the Swift-XRT team:

Swift performed a second epoch observation of GRB 130627B (Oates et al.,
GCN Circ. 14936) on 2013 July 2nd, collecting 7.3 ks of Photon Counting
mode data from T0+390 ks to T0+415 ks. The X-ray object reported by
Evans et al. (GCN Circ. 14947) is no longer detected. The 3-sigma upper 
limit is 1.7 x 10^-3 ct/sec, which is well below the level of 
8.8(+/-2.0) x 10^-3 ct/sec at which the source was previously detected.

We therefore confirm that this object was the afterglow of GRB 130627B.

This circular is an official product of the Swift-XRT team.
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