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GCN Circular 15002

GMRT radio detection of GRB 130702A
2013-07-11T10:30:07Z (11 years ago)
Poonam Chandra at TIFR <>
Poonam Chandra (NCRA-TIFR) reports:

We carried out Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope (GMRT) observations of
GRB 130702A at 1390 and 610 MHz bands on 2013 July 10.54 UT and 10.72 UT,
respectively. We detect the radio afterglow of the GRB in both bands.
The 1390 MHz band flux density of the afterglow is 792+/-44 uJy and 610 MHz
flux density of the afterglow is 457+/-75 uJy. The map resolutions at 1390
and 610 MHz bands are 2.67"x2.26" and  8.91"x5.50", respectively.
Further observations are planned. We thank GMRT staff for making these
observations possible.


Poonam Chandra                          Phone: +91 20 2571 9290
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National Center for Radio Astrophysics  Home:
Post Bag 3, Pune University campus
Ganeshkhind, Pune 411 008, INDIA
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