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GCN Circular 15006

GRB 130716A: Probable short-hard burst with delayed Swift data
2013-07-16T23:32:36Z (11 years ago)
Jay R. Cummings at NASA/GSFC/Swift <>
During a TDRSS-275 outage between 10:25 and 10:59 UT this morning, Swift-BAT
triggered on GRB 130716A (trigger #561974).  Due to the TDRSS outage, prompt
data was not available.  Data has now been received.  The burst occurred at
10:36:53 UTC.
The BAT refined position is RA, Dec179.581,63.057, which is:
RA (J2000)   11h 58m 19.4s
Dec (J2000)  63d 03' 25"
with an estimated uncertainty radius of 2.5 arcmin (90% confidence).  The
partial coding was 63%.

The BAT lightcurve shows a double overlapping peak, the first peak smaller,
with a total duration of about 0.8 seconds.

The XRT began observing the field at 10:38:55 UT, 122 seconds after
the BAT trigger. XRT found a bright, uncatalogued X-ray source located
at RA, Dec 179.5770, 63.0529 which is equivalent to:
    RA(J2000)  = +11h 58m 18.5s
    Dec(J2000) = +63d 03' 10.6"
with an uncertainty of 4.1 arcseconds (radius, 90% containment). This
location is 15.7 arcseconds from the BAT onboard position, within the BAT
error circle.

UVOT data is not yet available.

Burst Advocate for this burst is Stefan Immler (stefan.immler AT
Please contact the BA by email if you require additional information
regarding Swift followup of this burst. In extremely urgent cases, after
trying the Burst Advocate, you can contact the Swift PI by phone (see
Swift TOO web site for information:
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